REBOOT: The ‘Animaniacs’ are returning to our screens!

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Helllooooo, Nurse! Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros are set to reboot the classic Animaniacs!

The Animaniacs first aired in 1993 and became one of the most popular slots in afternoon programming. The show aired up until 1998 with a total of 99 episodes and 1 movie called Wakko’s Wish. Almost 20  years since it’s release, the Animaniacs will be hitting our screens in the near future with an all new revived adventure.

South African audiences would best remember this classic cartoon alongside Pinky and The Brain that aired in the mid 90’s on YoTV and CrazE. This was the after school program most kids in the 90’s would still remember.

Yakko, Wakko and Dot plan to make a comeback according to IndieWire , however the Warner Bros and Steven Spielberg effort is still at it’s early stages of development.

Looking back at some of the episodes in this day and age brings a whole new perspective to the humor wrapped up in the narrative that certainly slipped us back in 90’s.

Packed with it’s witty charm, surprising sexual innuendos and adventurous characters, it is to be wondered whether or not the reboot will be targeted at it’s original audience or will it pave the way for a completely new fan base…

Either way, there is no doubt that the trio are going to leave us in stitches once again.


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