Bonang and Somizi break up to make up?


Bonang sets aside her tensions with Somizi and calls him the highlight of the night.

Last week, Television personality Somizi Mhlongo teamed up with Tumi Morake to host the South African Music Awards (SAMAS). The duo set the standard with their hilariously unforgettable jokes and vibrant vigor. It is no doubt that the two slayed the night!

It is clear that Bonang and Somizi have not been so kind to each other lately, however, according to the twitter-sphere, Bonang was pretty vocal about how she felt about Somizi at the SAMAS:


@tumi_morake you and Somizi were the highlight of the night!!! Wow. Sooo damn entertaining. Thank you. #SAMA23

— Bonang B* Matheba (@bonang_m) May 27, 2017


Rumour has it that Bonang had blocked Somizi on social media and did not want to be in his presence.

Well, it seems like the tensions have eased up a bit, and maybe we can soon expect an official amends between the celebrity power-friendship.

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Image: DispatchLIVE

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