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Love is one of those controversial four-letter words that most people throw around with reckless abandon. Either you’re in it or desperately wanting it. Regardless of your stance, being left in the dust, abandoned or betrayed hurts and is impossibly tough to deal with. That was the opinion of renowned South African Indie-Pop band December Streets when they released, Magic, the second single off their latest EP Wild Heart on Valentine’s Day earlier this year. A-typically to the bands upbeat, happy-days lyrical content, the track explored the often-unacknowledged dark side of love and relationships, break-ups and more importantly; how to deal with the heart-ache when a relationship has let you down. On the back of its success, the band have teamed up with renowned film creatives Run Jump Fly Creations to create and now release an eagerly anticipated music video for the single.

This beautifully shot and designed film mirrors the roller-coaster of emotions that one experiences during the tumultuous and often dark time following a break-up. It explores these emotions visually on two planes: one through actor/model Nicole Woke flowing through a range of post-break up emotions and on the second through a virtual magazine layout and a splash of humor, commenting on the social attraction to magazine advice/self-help columns. Using a bold colour palette, to evoke deep feelings of personal struggle and passion, the viewer follows the stunning main character as she dances and moves her way through an array of painful, confusing and sometimes conflicting emotions, all the while jamming to the synth driven, dark yet catchy melodies of this chart-topping track.

“We have been totally blown away by how well this track has done, we always expected people to love it, but it has really exceeded all expectations. It has reached number 1 on the charts of a number of SA’s top stations and is playlisted everywhere so we couldn’t let an opportunity to make this video pass us by.” explains December Streets lead vocalist Tristan Coetzee.

Dane Steinhobel, who makes his lead vocal debut on the track adds “The subject matter is so powerful and so many people can relate to it, that it really made sense for us to try captivate it in a video and I really think we have been able to achieve that. We had so much fun filming this video and really expressing what losing love and moving on means to us, when you watch it you will see exactly what I’m talking about.”

A little tip, If you take a moment to look deeper into the visuals you realise some hidden content written into the narrative in the form of witty love advice.

If you have ever experienced the flip side of love and can sympathise with feelings of betrayal and then eventual liberation or if you just want to say F#CK YOU to a past flame, make sure you check out the latest masterpiece from December Streets.

You can watch the music video here:

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