Die Antwoord might be in trouble with Human Rights Commission.

Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord, known for their bizarre and controversial antics have found themselves in hot water with Ntsiki Mazwai for disrespecting a Xhosa ritual. 

An old album cover recently resurfaced on Twitter and caused a heated discussion when Ntsiki Mazwai, who considers herself a social activist called the group out for ‘parading’ in traditional Xhosa attire to promote their music.

According to Ntsiki, this is an exploitation of the Xhosa culture. The circumcision ritual depicted on the album cover is a mockery and misrepresentation of South African culture.

Ntsiki Mazawai believes that this issue deserves the attention of the South African Human Rights Commission. 

Cultural appropriation, artistic license, and freedom of expression are just some of the terms thrown around by the public. What are your thoughts?

Is this an issue worthy of being attended to by the Human Rights Commission? Is Die Antwoord responsible for this, as well as several other controversial areas within their image and music?

Let us know what you think! Join the conversation in the comments section below or like us on Facebook. 

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For all the latest in entertainment news and gossip, click here!

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