Durban filmmaker to release action feature.

As the city of Durban promptly gains momentum in becoming a world class film production destination, local filmmakers continue to grow the industry with productions that demonstrate raw talent coupled with a true South African flare. Newcomer director and producer of Bravospan Productions Renaldo Kell prepares for the release of his first action feature film, The Bush Knife which is set to release in October this year.

The Bush Knife

After the murder of his family by a criminal organization called The Skulls, The Bush Knife seeks vengeance and goes on a rampage in destroying The Skulls. But during his arrest, The Bush Knife is interrogated by a detective named Rome who reveals that his daughters are still alive. Rome together with The Bush Knife embark on a mission to find his daughters and bring down The Skulls organization.The Bush Knife

Bruce Gounder, Jerome Naidu, Ryan Mayne, Livania Carnello, Yarushka Singh, Elanza Prinsloo, Ashkelon Megnath, Iqbaal Shaik, Angela Val Verde-Riekert and Ishaal Singh.

Produced by
Renaldo Kell and Bruce Gounder.

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