Mr. Loco Paves The Way For Durban’s Underground Hip Hop Scene.

Mr Loco

Durban’s Mr. Loco, straight from Seaview sets new heights in his career, paving the way for a new era of Durban’s underground Hip Hop scene. In his latest radio interview, Byz Loco chats about his hopes to collaborate with Super Mega himself ‘AKA’ as well as Micasa’s ‘J-Something’!!

Mr. Loco expressed his gratitude on Friday afternoon as he chatted with Kofifi FM about life as an artist and rising to the platform as a South African Hip Hop artist. Mr Loco kicked off his interview by saying that “Durban does rock”. And by this he means that the music scene in Durban is reaching new heights each day with the steadfast growth of  quality artists that South African’s adore.

Mr. Loco who hails from Seaview in Durban explained to Kofifi FM in his interview where  the name comes from and said that Loco originates from the fact that he has a crazy way about himself. He said, “I am loco in all aspects in the way I live my life, the way I carry out my music and what I try to do everyday”.

Zakwe, Duncan, Ricky Rick, Nasty C, Kyle Deutsch and Sketchy Bongo are just a few big names that have culminated from Durban’s music scene and Mr. Loco is extremely proud of where he is from. He has no doubt that his music as well as many other undiscovered artists in Durban are at an international standard.

“We are trying to keep up with the times, so music will be lost at times, but will never be gone”, said Mr. Loco.

The hip-hop rising star believes that Durban artists are building a new era of sound that not only has an afterlife but will also be  relevant to the fans across the spectrum.

Mr. Loco says “South Africa can do it!”.

Loco who defines his sound and style of music as unique and separated from what he listens to says that he draws inspiration from Bryson Tiller, Travis Scott as well as a bunch of local artists in order to keep the standards high rather than pushing out a similar style.

When asked who he would like to collaborate with, Mr. Loco was adamant that AKA, Nasty C and J-Something would be on the top of his list.

Loco who is currently in Johannesburg working on on an EP launch as well as collaborating with other exciting artists is looking forward to the near future. Fans can expect beat-banging, heart-felt verses coming soon from Mr Loco and his team.

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Take a look at Mr. Loco in action:


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