Help Mr South Africa Help South Africa.

Mr South Africa, Habib Noorbhai urges South Africans to assist his latest initiative to help the destitute.

Mr South Africa 2017, Habib Noorbhai, would like to help the destitute and aims to raise R1,200,000.00 by the end of June. Once the goal is achieved,  him in conjunction with  The Humanitarians, will sustainably distribute the money raised to the destitute who are in need of warmth, food and shelter.

Mr South Africa to ensure sustainability:

1. It costs R12 on average for a homeless person to get shelter and meal per night. 30 nights x R12 = R360.

2. One blanket will cost an average of R120 per person.

3. Non-perishable items will cost R100 per person per month.

Help ONE person by donating R600.

The goal of R1,200,000 will help 2000 destitute.

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