Prompt Chat: Cape Town’s very own, Confidential SA.

They’ve appeared on SA’s Got Talent, the Expresso Show on SABC 3, and have just over 40 000 hits on their videos on social media. These guys are taking South Africa by storm with their sensational voices. Straight out of the Mother City, they call themselves ‘Confidential SA’. Prompt Side got to chat to the boy-band to find out more.

Hi Confidential SA, thanks for taking the time to chat to us at Prompt Side. Firstly, who are you guys, and what do each of you do apart from the group?

We are five fun-loving guys from the same neighborhood, who are passionate about singing. Group members: Niyaaz Arendse (Sales Associate), Brent Wyngaard (Sales associate), Junaid Baker (Student), Herschel Snyders (Student) and Faeez Williams (Student).

When did you guys come together as a group and what inspired the name ‘Confidential SA’?

It all started 3 years ago while we attended the same high school. All five of us were already “popular” at school for various different reasons (LOL), so we acknowledged this as one of our “strengths”. We explored the awesome friendship further and then discovered that we all (for some or other reason) had been hiding the fact that WE LOVED TO SING!!!…hence the name “CONFIDENTIAL”.

What is it like being a boy band in South Africa, and how has the reception of your music been so far?

We feel that it’s time for a South African and proudly “Capetonian” boy band to “represent”. We are completely overwhelmed and inspired by all the positive feedback via the various social media platforms we subscribe to, as a result, our fan base has grown rapidly since 2015. We’ve also been blessed to have some really awesome people rally around us with the specific skills and experience that we need to take us to the next level simply because they see our vision and believe in what we are doing. We’ll take that kind of support any day and count Prompt Side Entertainment in that group as well, so THANK YOU for the opportunity to be interviewed. 2016 is going to be awesome!!!

What is the process of creating and selecting the music you perform? Is it a collaborative effort, or are there designated roles for each of you?

For now, we try to stick to doing covers that are relatively new and fun to do, and then take it up a notch by adding our own bit of “masala” to it. We have a natural feel for each other’s voices so choosing songs is a collaborative effort. It also helps that we get along so well and when its rehearsal time, it’s quite easy to share ideas and see how we can create a bit of fusion.

What would you say has been the highlight or most defining moment of your career thus far?

Making it through to the semi-finals of “SA’s Got Talent” has definitely been a defining moment for us. You just can’t “pick up“ that kind of experience anywhere. The advice, expertise, support and love we received is what motivates us each day to make 2016 even better. Being on the SABC 3 Expresso Breakfast Show has also been such an awesome experience as well, and we were truly humbled by the response, “Mzansi fo sho!”. Doing local gigs however is what we live for and receiving that instant recognition/feedback just helps us to keep pushing further.

What are some of the challenges you face currently as emerging artists in South Africa?

Sadly, starting off, we would have to say, would

be the limited finances available for investment in the development and promotion of local South African artists like ourselves and we would also have to say the lack of integration between corporate South Africa, the live music venues and other activities such as tourism and the hospitality industries. It’s going to take some time to get to know who-is-who in the industry but we are committed to staying as open to the possibilities still out there. So, please drop us a line if you would like to get to know CONFIDENTIAL a bit more.


Photo by: Ference Isaacs

Where do you guys see the band in 5 years from now?

Successful! Which is measured in many different ways, by many different people. We just hope that our journey will inspire others and be a reminder that you can achieve anything with hard work.

Who are some of your role models when it comes to music and why?

The Beatles & Muhammed Ali – because they knew they had a gift, and even though they faced many challenges their perseverance and belief paid off.

Local & international groups like Jimmy Nevis, Four, Freshly ground and Micasa – they just ROCK in our books because of their local and original flavor. And they’re just such an inspiration!

Nur Abrahams – A local “boytjie” from our neck of the hood, now recognized as one of the legends of Cape Town and South Africa because of his amazing voice, awesome stage presence and totally rocking personality.

What can we expect to see (or hear) from you guys in 2016? Are there any exciting things lined up that you would like to share?

Yes! We are currently busy with strategic planning because you can’t go anywhere unless you know where you want to go. Then we’re also busy writing some original stuff (I know …exciting right!), as well as rehearsing and preparing for the release of our first single. Other than that, we’re trying to just sing as much as possible. We’re open for business…so let’s get this party started!

How can people find you and listen to your music?

For bookings, videos and blogs people can find us on:

Facebook: Confidential SA
Instagram: @Confidential_ZA

Photo Credit: Ference Isaacs

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