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Prompt Chat: An Exclusive with Das Kapital on his upcoming album!

Das Kapital. (Image Supplied)

DJ, producer and co-founder of Do Work Records, is calling on music producers and artists across South Africa to submit tracks to be featured in his upcoming album: Das Kapital Presents Overtime Volume 2. 

Das Kapital, the brazen producer – widely known as a staunch supporter of South African music – says:

“It’s time for independent South African music producers and artists to say a not-so-fond-farewell to regional adequacy and give a hearty welcome to global excellence; proving once and for all that whether backed by a global player or not, that South Africa definitely has what it takes to make its mark on the global music scene.”

We had a chat with him to find out more about #OvertimeVol2!

Q: Das Kapital, thanks for joining us at Prompt Side South Africa. Could you tell us a little more about Overtime Volume 2? Is this just a follow up to Overtime 1 or are you approaching this with a completely different aim in mind?

It’s my pleasure. Thanks for having me. Overtime Vol. 2 is partly a direct follow up to Overtime Vol. 1 in a sense, but with bigger plans, means, and scope than the first album could have had.

The first compilation was our way of showcasing Do Work Records and where we were in the South African scene at that time. The second album expands on that idea, now looking at the whole of South Africa, as we aim to showcase where the country’s electronic scene as a whole fits into a global industry that is desperately looking to hear more from us.

Q: What is the theme or main driving force behind Overtime Volume 2?

The underlying strength of this release is the same underlying strength I see every day when looking at South African club sounds as a whole – DIVERSITY.

The album is going to cover artists and genres from every corner of the country, paying special attention to each region’s niche sounds, to give a wider, broader look into our collective music than any labels have seemingly been willing to.

It’s important to have as many people as possible feel like they can hear what matters to them, and I know we have the voices and minds to make it work.

Das Kapital_Photography by Jono Ferreira

Das Kapital (Photo by Jono Ferreira)

Q: You’re calling on amateurs and veterans to submit their tracks for a possible inclusion. What will the selection process entail? Who else will be working on the album?

The album is made up of two equally important parts.

The first half of the album is directly seeded by me, featuring the artists I see to be making impact with their specific sounds both in the local and global consciousness.

The second half of the album is going to be made up of music submitted by artists from across the country. With that in mind, it’s an amazing opportunity for young artists to get serious eyes turned to their music, and also offers some veteran producers the opportunity to try new things if they wish to throw their oar in the water.

Once the submission period ends in August, I will sit and listen to every submission, shortlisting those that we want to sign. As a label, we’ll go through that shortlist, making sure the best records covering all the niche sounds of SA are represented. After that, I will communicate with each artist we’ve selected, help mould and finalise their track so it lives up to our international standards, after which point we will negotiate and sign contracts, schedule for release, and so on.

Q: Last year you released  Das Kapital Presents Overtime Volume 1. Will there be any of the same artists included in Overtime Volume 2? Why/Why not?

Absolutely yes. We have a fair few of the artists from the previous album making a return on this album, but in a different capacity, given that the intention of this compilation differs from the last.

I don’t want to give away too much of the track listing, but I can reveal this, for example:
D_Know, an amazing Techno producer very much a part of our family, has had incredible successes on international labels (Berlin, UK, etc) since his feature on Volume 1, and has also since launched his own label, Knowledge Recordings.

He will be back on Volume 2, representing Knowledge Recordings on a collaboration between himself and one of his artists, as their brand of Techno is a signature sound.

There are more making a return, but I’m keeping my cards close to my chest on this for now. 🙂

Q: What would you say is the main draw card of the new album? What about it do you think will linger with audiences in the years to follow?

I really think the record is going to mean different things to different people. To some, it’ll be an excuse to hear more music from your favourite local artist. To others, it’s going to be an introduction to new artists and sounds that they might not have had the opportunity to hear to before. It’s going to allow for new talent to stand on equal footing with established names, and by allowing for that to happen, we’re creating a platform based on equality through merit.

The longevity of this record exists both in the scope of the release and implications of a project so wide-reaching and dynamic. It’s going to be an incredible foot in the door for a lot of new artists and listeners alike, and is also a time capsule of the best South Africa has to offer in 2017.

Q: What else can artists expect from the inclusion in Overtime Volume 2? Will there be any possibility of live shows or tours?

As we plan and finalize the launch tour, we will be putting a lot of effort to including regional artists in shows or legs of the performances, as I want to further push the new talent, while giving the established artists the love I want them to in the environments that I feel matter most – clubs, parties, and festivals.

Obviously, any artists that reach out to submit for the album will be on our radar moving forward, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing new names releasing full EPs and singles on both Do Work Records and our soon to be launched sister imprint SEBENZA.

Q: Main reason why artists should submit?

If you’re an aspiring artist looking to make your way into the South African scene, and feel like you’re struggling to break past the barriers put in place by a lot of labels, promotors, and so on, this is your chance to reach out to a team of people that have untold respect for, and belief in the talent that lies just outside of where everyone is looking.

To my friends and contemporaries who’ve been doing this a long time, this is your chance to showcase your sound to a global audience; to put your marker down and say “I’m here, this is what I do, and this is why it’s important that you take notice, now more than ever”.

Other than that, we’re a pretty good label to release on, the record will be available on all major digital distributors worldwide, and I’m also a pretty banging A&R, so I’ll be making sure you sound better than you’ve ever sounded before. Promise 🙂

Q: How do you think fans will receive the new album?

I know people are hungry for good dance music. And we’re about to put on the best buffet in the country.

Q:  Final thoughts, teasers or shout outs

Special thanks to everyone already throwing submissions our way. I’m really excited to get stuck in listening to all your music. If anyone reading this knows of a producer currently trying to make something big happen with nothing behind them, no matter where they’re based, what they make, or what they use to make it, send this info to them – we need their music, because it matters.

Facebook:           facebook.com/iamDasKapital
Instagram:         instagram.com/iamdaskapital
Twitter:                twitter.com/iamDasKapital
SoundCloud:     soundcloud.com/daskapital

Das KapitalOvertime Vol 2

Das Kapital Presents Overtime Volume 2:

Das Kapital has already started seeding the first component of Volume 2; sourcing tracks from local artists that he himself has collaborated or worked with in the past, and that have made an impact both locally and internationally within their respective scenes including those in House, Techno, Gqom, Beats and Half-Time, as well as their sub-genres.

The second component will be seeded via submissions from up-and-coming South African producers and artists. Das Kapital will collate both procured and seeded submissions and will set about poring over the album; directing and adjusting each submission until a coherent project is realised from inception to completion.

Submissions process

  • Submissions email address: info@doworkrecords.com
  • Format for submissions: MP3 format or private downloadable SoundCloud links
  • Closing date for submissions: Friday, 04 August 2017
  • Each submission must be original
  • Each submission needs to be accompanied by the producer’s full name, DJ name as well as a contact number
  • No DataFileHost links will be accepted
  • Samples that have not been cleared, remixes, or tracks previously featured or released on streaming sites will not be eligible

The final album, which will include around 20 original as well as remixed tracks, is scheduled for release by Do Work Records in October 2017.

Facebook:         facebook.com/DoWorkRecords
Instagram:        instagram.com/doworkrec
Twitter:               twitter.com/DoWorkRec
SoundCloud:   soundcloud.com/doworkrecords

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