Prompt Chat: Johannesburg’s #TrendMen, Alan&Krishen.

They’ve appeared on television, been heard on radio, featured in magazines, and are often found at high profile events. Popular for their eclectic and en-vogue take on style trends, and known as Johannesburg’s TrendMen. Prompt Side caught up with the snazzy Trend-spotters  Alan Foley and Krishen Samuel to find out more about their mutual passion for all things fashion!

So this is probably a question you guys often get asked, but when did it all start, and how did the collaboration come about?

Initially, we met socially and discovered that we had a mutual love for fashion and style. After a few international trips together, we honed our perspectives on fashion and trends and started becoming more aware of what we were seeing around us. We decided to attend local fashion weeks and received a great amount of attention and publicity for our personal style. It was suggested that we document our unique perspective on fashion and we decided to do this online. After a stint at an online fashion magazine as trends correspondents, we decided to formulate our own joint brand: Alan and Krishen.

Tell us a little more about Trendspotting. What are the main areas you analyze when seeking the latest trends?

Trend spotting goes much further than merely observing what comes down the runway. When people say, for example, ‘red’ is a hot colour this season we always ask ‘Why?’ We are constantly searching for the larger cultural milieu that a trend is situated in: how it comes about due to current global social and political events.

“Alan and Krishen” has become a very recognizable brand. Did you ever think this would one day happen? Why?

We think that part of the reason the brand has become so recognizable is due to the fact that we are so different: we encapsulate different style perspectives and we both have different areas of interest. Alan tends to maintain a classical fashion outlook (with his own additions) while Krishen veers more towards an urban, modern style. We each bring something different to the brand and our followers tend to appreciate this. We are humbled by the huge amount of recognition we have achieved in a short space of time.

Both you gents maintain quite an authentic look. Tell us a bit about your own personal fashion styles. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Alan – My inspiration is taken from the fashion greats such as Ralph Lauren and the modern dandies of our time. I enjoy drawing on hallmarks of great style while injecting my signature flair. Colour is one of the greatest ways to enhance one’s style.

Krishen – My sense of style is eclectic and I draw upon many sources of inspiration. Some of my favourites include Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang. I enjoy urban, city dressing while maintaining a sense of sophistication that elevates an outfit beyond mere street style.


What would you say has been the highlight of your careers thus far?

We have thoroughly enjoyed being featured on various television and radio programmes. Receiving praise for these appearances – and occasionally being stopped in the street to be asked fashion advice –  has been both exhilarating and unreal!

Any trend predictions for the coming season?

2016 will see many exciting trends. A prominent one is the growing Androgyny trend. Gender fluidity is becoming much more accepted in the fashion world. In addition, Romanticism will be greatly emphasized this year – we are seeing many pastel colours, embroidery, lace fabrics, silky lingerie and the continued use of Victorian elements. A trend that we call ‘Neo Punk’ displays greater use of leather, studs as well as ripping and tearing of fabrics. This is a modern take on the punk movement.

What’s next for you two professionally?

We continue to explore new vistas for the expansion of our brand. Towards the end of 2015, we started our very own online television series, entitled #TrendMenTV. 2016 will see a greater exploration of the varied aspects of the Alan & Krishen brand. Watch this space!

Any advice for those who are considering a career in the world of fashion?

You need to ensure that you are passionate about the world of fashion. Despite the perceived glamour and luxury, there are long working hours, a great deal of effort and the importance of being self-motivated. Business savvy is also a crucial element to make any fashion brand successful, viable and sustainable.

How can people find you?

Facebook: Alan Foley and Krishen Samuel
Twitter: @AlanKrishen
Instagram: @alanfoley6 and @krishen.samuel
YouTube: #TrendMenTV

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